Solenoid Valves

Fluid control valves are used in applications requiring the control of fluids, air, gases, steam, etc. Valves can open, shut off or direct the flow of media in an application.

Custom Solenoid Valves for Coolant Control

Solenoid Valve Design Examples

Miniature  Solenoid  Air  Valve

Miniature Solenoid Air Valve

This example of an ultra small solenoid air valve is suitable for a variety of low pressure applications.

High  Speed  Dispensing  Valve

High-Speed Dispensing Valve

This is an example of a high-speed solenoid mated to a multiple port spool configuration for the control of output fluids to very fine parameters.

Pressure Release Solenoid Valve

Pressure Release Solenoid Valve

This on-off solenoid valve example is used for applications needing to quickly reduce pressure within an enclosed cavity or transmit fluid to another passage.

Atomic  Layer  Deposition  Pilot  Valve

Atomic Layer Deposition Pilot Valve

A two-position, three-way pilot valve with exceptional performance including ultra-fast response, high operating temperatures and compact design.

Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valve

Proportional Pressure Reducing Relieving Valve

This example of a continuously variable pressure reducing relieving valve can be designed to operate over various pressure ranges to optimize controllability.

Canister  Proportional  Purge  Solenoid  Valve

Canister Proportional Purge Solenoid Valve

This example of a pulse width modulated, proportional flow control solenoid valve is used in a vehicle's emission control system.

Three-Way Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valve

Three-Way Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valve

This proportional solenoid valve is a direct-acting, normally open, continuously variable pressure relief valve.

Solenoid Vent Valve

Solenoid Vent Valve

Normally closed, three-port solenoid vent valves designed with a zero leakage rate and a minimum life of 120,000 cycles.

Proportional Pressure Relief Valve

Proportional Pressure Relief Valve

This direct-acting, normally open, proportional pressure relief valve can be designed to operate over various pressure ranges.

Damper  Control  Valve

Damper Control Valve

This direct-acting, two-way bi-directional hydraulic control valve with latching technology allows a short pulse of electricity to shift the valve into position.

Coolant Control Valve

Coolant Control Valve

This fluid valve originally designed to control coolant can be used with a variety of mediums including: coolant, water and chemicals.

Proportional Pneumatic Control Valve

Proportional Pneumatic Control Valve

This pneumatic control valve was designed to meter inlet and outlet pressure to proportionally control an actuator.

Latching  Diaphragm  Solenoid  Valve

Latching Diaphragm Solenoid Valve

This solenoid valve was originally designed for use with a smart water meter.

Digital High Speed Control Valve

Digital High-Speed Control Valve

High-speed digital control valve adapted to control outlet flow of high-pressure gas vessels.

Looking for a custom solenoid valve design?

  • Patented solenoid features allow for higher forces in the same package size (or reduced solenoid size)
  • Extremely accurate and high-speed control of fluids or position
  • Strokes of .010" to .100" are typical, although strokes up to an inch are possible
  • Response times down to 1 milliseconds depending upon force and stroke

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