• Automotive
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    Your Partner for Advanced Automotive Technology

    TLX partners with OEMs and Tier 1 system suppliers to develop intelligent electromagnetic solutions for current and emerging mobility architectures. The industry continues to demand better performance, improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and increased EV and HEV range. We develop innovative solenoids, valves, and valve systems that are engineered to meet these ever-increasing performance demands.

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  • Fire Suppression
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    Actuation Solutions & Integrated Technologies for Fire Suppression Systems

    TLX is a pioneer in the design and production of actuation solutions and integrated technologies for the global fire suppression market. We work closely with our customers to develop products that have more advanced features and technologies than standard off-the-shelf options.

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  • Industrial
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    Solenoids and Valves for Tomorrow’s Industrial Systems

    TLX uses proportional, high-speed, high-temperature, and latching technologies to custom design solenoids, actuators, and valves. We can also integrate smart functionality into our products to provide data collection, diagnostics, and IoT communication at the component level. Whether you need a simple actuation solution or something for a more complex environment, we can develop a product specifically for your application.

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  • Off-Highway
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    Durable, High Performance Solutions for Off-Highway Vehicle Systems

    TLX partners with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for off-highway vehicle systems to develop expertly designed solutions that meet standards for increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions while maintaining durability, safety, and performance.

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High Closing Force Completely Stops Flow

This solenoid pinch valve provides a high closing force for its package size and completely stops fluid flow when closed.
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