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With engineers and operators on both sides of the globe, TLX has the talent, tools, and technology needed to make the best custom solenoids on the market.

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  • Automotive
  • Fire Suppression
  • Industrial
  • Off-Highway
  • Automotive
    Automotive Solenoids Group

    Your Partner for Advanced Automotive Technology

    TLX partners with OEMs and Tier 1 system suppliers to develop new technologies for current and emerging vehicle architectures. Market and regulatory demands for better performance, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions provide opportunities to collaborate on solenoid solutions that are engineered to be lighter, faster, and consume minimal power.

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  • Fire Suppression
    Fire Suppression Solenoids 2017

    Custom Actuators and Solenoids for Fire Suppression Systems

    Choosing a TLX actuator or solenoid for your fire suppression system ensures a faster, more durable, reusable solution—expertly tailored to your exact needs. Our custom solenoids and actuators are designed for compliance to UL, FM, CE, LPCB and VDE.

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  • Industrial
    TLX Industrial

    Solenoids and Valves for Tomorrow’s Industrial Systems

    Whether your system needs simple actuation or a solution to meet the demands of a complex environment such as high-speed, high-pressure, extreme temperatures, minimal power consumption or integrated controls, TLX Technologies develops custom solenoids and valves to meet the requirements of your challenging industrial applications.

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  • Off-Highway
    Off-Highway Solenoid Example

    Durable, High Performance Solutions for Off-Highway Vehicle Systems

    Meeting standards for increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions requires expertly-designed, reliable components. Engineers at OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for heavy vehicle systems trust TLX to help meet these environmental standards; along with their durability, safety and performance requirements.

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  1. Connect With Us At: AFSA 39 Annual Convention

    September 1316, 2020 ‒ San Diego, CA

    Boyd will be at AFSA 39 Annual Convention. Let's meet.

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  2. Connect With Us At: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

    September 1517, 2020 ‒ Novi, MI

    Dennis will be at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo. Let's meet.

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  3. Connect With Us At: ASPE Convention & Expo

    September 1517, 2020 ‒ New Orleans, LA

    Jason will be at ASPE Convention & Expo. Let's meet.

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Using Solenoids to Increase Safety in Hybrid Cars

A manufacturer sought a solution for disconnecting the battery of a hybrid car during an accident, without the possibility of the battery connecting again. TLX designed a custom…

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