Automotive Solenoids & Valves

TLX partners with OEMs and Tier 1 system suppliers to develop new technologies for current and emerging vehicle architectures. Market and regulatory demands for better performance, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions provide opportunities to collaborate on innovative solenoid and valve solutions that are engineered to be lighter, faster, and consume minimal power.

TLX Technologies is the go-to partner of the world’s top automotive brands, first-tier suppliers, and OEMs for the design and development of tomorrow's most innovative automotive systems.

Complex Environments

Design and optimization of solenoids and valves for system applications that require high pressure, high speed, or extreme temperature specifications.

Better Performance

Precise control with high accuracy through tighter tolerances. Reducing friction and inefficiencies provides extremely low hysteresis.

Advanced Development

Advances in e-mobility and autonomous vehicle architectures provide opportunities to achieve intelligent and innovative solutions.

Reduced Power Consumption

Latching technology in solenoid and valve design minimizes overall power consumption.

Built-in Safety

Failsafe modes are designed into solenoids and valves utilizing integrated electronic controls.

Lighter Weight

Multiple variables in the design and manufacturing process are optimized to reduce overall weight and size of the solenoid or valve.

TLX Technologies partners with OEMs and Tier 1 system suppliers to develop new technologies for current and emerging vehicle systems. We serve as an extension of your design team to help develop custom solenoids and valves that give special consideration to performance, energy efficiency and weight.
Automotive Solenoids Group

TLX partners with automakers and suppliers to make innovative concepts a reality.

Past projects include:

  • Engine Control Valves
  • Advanced Suspension Controls
  • Coolant Control Valves
  • Variable Cam Phasing and Timing
  • Turbocharger Controls
  • Thermal Management Control Valves
  • Variable Water Pump Controls
  • Valve Deactivation Controls
  • Pedestrian Passive Safety Systems
  • Battery Disconnects
  • High-Pressure Fuel Inlet Valves
  • Air Intake Controls
  • Door Locks and Latches
  • Air Bag Inflation Control Valves
  • UREA/Ad Blue Control Valves
  • Evaporative Fuel System Controls
  • Emission System Controls
  • Vibration Damping Controls
  • Redundant Park Lock Controls
  • Discrete Proportional Control Valves
  • Transmission Fluid Controls
  • Torque Converter Lockup Clutch
  • Variable Oil Pump Controls
  • Power Steering Valves
  • Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment
  • Compressor Clutches and Valves
  • Climate System Controls
  • Safety Interlock Systems
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TLX Patents on Wall

Patented Automotive Solenoid Technology

With over 150 years of combined solenoid design experience, our strength is in the unique features that are engineered into each custom component designed and manufactured by TLX Technologies. Our team of solenoid engineers holds multiple patents from the successful development of advanced solenoid solutions.

Dynamic Control Valve System Adapted for Inflatable Restraint Systems for Vehicles
US patent seal US 6,231,077
Diesel Engine Fluid Coolant System Having a Solenoid-Powered Gate Valve
US patent seal US 9,303,548

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