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Three-Position Solenoid Helps Improve Vehicle Emissions

An automotive company needed a solution to open and close the valve in their fuel vapor recirculation system. TLX Technologies designed an effective three-position solenoid.

Fuel Vapor Recirculation

Customer Problem

Sealed automobile fuel tanks use fuel vapor recirculation as part of the emissions system. When the engine is not running, the recirculation system pulls fumes out of the fuel tank and stores them in a charcoal canister. Once the engine starts, the system circulates the fumes into the engine to be burned off.

An automotive company needed a solution to open and close the valve that vented fumes between the fuel tank and the charcoal canister.

The TLX Solution

TLX Technologies designed an efficient three-position solenoid for the fuel vapor recirculation system. The first position closed the vent valve while fueling the car. The second position allowed vapors to be transmitted directly to the engine for consumption. The third position helped divert vapors to the charcoal canister for storage. High push-pull force and compact design produced the fast response needed for each function while consuming no power to hold the valve in each position.

Three-Position Push-Pull Solenoid

Three-Position Push Pull Solenoid

Stroke (either direction from center)
1.58 to 25.4 mm
Push-pull force
.03 to 4.5 kgf (1 oz to 10 lbf)
Resistance at 20°C
Per voltage requirement
Supply voltage
3 to 48 Vdc
Duty rating (%ED)
100% ED
Operating temperature range
-40°C to 120°C
> 10M cycles

All TLX components are customized to fit system requirements, meaning technical specifications are unique to each customer and design. Examples given on our website are for illustration purposes only.

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