Fire Suppression Solenoids

Choosing a TLX solenoid actuator for your fire suppression system ensures a faster, more durable, reusable solution — expertly tailored to your exact needs.

Fire Suppression Solenoids

Experts in Specialty Applications for Fire Suppression

Our fire suppression actuators and solenoids are designed for compliance to UL, FM, CE, LPCB and VDE. Observing industry trends and incorporating customer feedback allows TLX engineers to pioneer many fire suppression actuation solutions, including several patents. This ingenuity helped TLX create multiple UL recognized components while working with customers to achieve system approval with regulatory agencies.

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Regulatory Compliance

Designed to meet requirements of NFPA 2001, UL 2166, UL 2127 and FM 5600. Recognized components to UL 864.

Complex Environments

Optimization of actuators and solenoids for applications that require high pressure and high speed in challenging environments.

Advanced Security

Fully-engaged installation detected through integrated supervisory component as required. Designed to safeguard against tampering.

Increased Performance

Designed to handle various actuation force requirements. Durable components can be reset for future use.

Limiting Power Consumption

Latching technology utilized to minimize overall power consumption.

Custom Configuration

Interfacing options available to meet system dimensional differences. Optional manual actuation assembly and reset tool attachment.

TLX Patents on Wall

Patented Fire Suppression Technology

Decades spent refining the delivery of extinguishing agents (clean agent, inert gas, water, CO2) has led TLX engineers to pioneer many actuation solutions for fire suppression systems, including several patents.

Sensor for Connection Detection and Actuator Including Same Field of Invention

A mechanism incorporated into a direct-acting solenoid that allows operators to detect if the valve is fully connected to the solenoid. High pressure version capable of withstanding up to 300 bar also available.

US patent seal US 9,714,718
Solenoid with Supervision Switch

A solenoid designed with integrated supervision that provides detection that the coil has been properly re-installed after testing.

US patent seal US 9,890,873
Latching Solenoid Actuator with Container Installation Detection

A mechanism that allows operators to detect whether the pressure valve is fully connected to the latching solenoid. Compliant to NFPA 2001, Sec. required by January 1, 2016.

US patent seal US 9,062,788

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