On-Off Solenoids

On-Off solenoids are used in applications requiring the constant application of power to move and/or hold in set positions. This constant application of power causes the coil in the solenoid to heat up limiting the force for a given size. Standard on-off solenoid designs can compensate for this decrease in force by either increasing the size of the solenoid or providing for a higher coil temperature rise if the application will allow it.

Custom On-Off Solenoids for Shift Locks

On-Off Solenoid Design Examples

Need a custom on-off solenoid or valve design for your application?

  • Patented solenoid features allow for higher forces in the same package size (or reduced solenoid size)
  • Extremely accurate and high-speed control of fluids or position
  • Strokes of .010" to .100" are typical, although strokes up to an inch are possible
  • Response times down to less than 1 millisecond depending upon force and stroke

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