Custom Automotive Solenoids

Automotive solenoids are vital to meeting the demands for better fuel-efficiency, performance and safety. TLX helps OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers reach these standards by quickly delivering more efficient, cost-effective components.

  • Smaller - 25% smaller than competitive designs
  • Faster - Response times in as little as 200 microseconds
  • Stronger

High Volume Production

Lean and one-piece flow production allows engineers and the quality team to rapidly send process changes and make corrective actions without interruptions to workflow.

Knowledge in Action: Pedestrian Safety Systems

Active Hood & Bumper

During a collision, active hood and bumper use a variety of mechanisms to:

  • Create a deformable, flexible surface for impact by providing sufficient space between the hood and engine.
  • Absorb crash energy by extending and retracting the front bumper.

Replacing pyrotechnic actuators (used to activate these mechanisms) with TLX solenoids, increases response time and thus vastly improves pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian Protection Airbags

Since the majority of pedestrian fatalities are due to head injuries, ensuring reliable delivery of airbags on pillars surrounding the windshield has become a priority for car manufacturers. Custom solenoids, designed to the exact specifications of each vehicle ensures quick, consistent response times in these vital applications.

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