Proportional Solenoids and Valves

Proportional solenoids and proportional solenoid valves are often used in applications requiring variable and precise control. By converting an electric control signal into proportional mechanical force, proportional solenoids are able to achieve varying position and/or force. During operation, spring force balances solenoid force to position the armature in proportion to the input signal. As current is applied, the force of the armature against the force of the spring holds the solenoid in a set position until the applied current is increased or decreased.

Custom Pneumatic Valve for Proportional Pressure Control

Proportional Solenoid Design Examples

Looking for a custom proportional solenoid or valve design?

  • Low hysteresis and flat force vs. stroke curve at a given applied current
  • Flat curve provides high repeatability of position and force control
  • Analog or digital control
  • Command step response in less than 60 milliseconds
  • Pulse width modulation or current with dither controlled units
  • Easily adaptable to two-way valves, three-way valves and pressure and flow controls.

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