Using Solenoids to Increase Safety in Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Car Battery Dial

TLX designs solenoids that solve our customers' unique dilemmas. This is an example of how TLX ingenuity was applied in the field.

Customer Problem

If a hybrid car is in a serious accident, passengers and emergency personnel risk coming in contact with the automobile’s high voltage battery. In order to eliminate the danger, a manufacturer sought a solution for disconnecting the battery during an accident, without the possibility of the battery connecting again.

TLX Solution

TLX designed a custom latching solenoid that used residual magnetism instead of a permanent magnet; meaning once the solenoid unlatched, it would not re-latch without applying power. A pulse of power in either polarity would provide exceptional latching force without permanent magnets. The residual magnetism latching design is suitable for use in vehicle locks, latches, disconnects and safety cutout applications.

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Quality Policy

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