Refining Emergency Lock Systems in Automobiles

Passive Automotive Door Lock

TLX designs solenoids that solve our customers' unique dilemmas. This is an example of how TLX ingenuity was applied in the field.

Customer Problem

A manufacturer of automobile door lock systems needed to add an emergency lock release feature to their passive entry door lock system. The emergency lock release would allow passengers to unlock the doors when the key was turned on. This was vital in the event of a car accident where the electrical system had been damaged and passengers needed to exit the vehicle.

TLX Solution

TLX designed a three-position latching solenoid that would perform all functions of the door lock system:

  • lock the doors
  • handle the passive entry function and unlock the door
  • provide the emergency escape lock release

The component used one spring that expanded against a hard stop to center the armature; and compressed when the armature moved in either direction. This gave a tighter tolerance on the solenoid’s center position and eliminated the need to set up and adjust two springs.

A shunt ring increased the pull-in force, allowing the solenoid to be smaller without sacrificing voltage and current requirements. The new custom solenoid easily replaced the existing component while adding the additional function required by the manufacturer.

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Quality Policy

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