Understanding Solenoids

How do solenoids work? Learn about solenoids, solenoid theory & operation and magnetics. Read technical articles or look up solenoid terms. Utilize our solenoid expert as part of your team or a resource to answer your solenoid and valve questions.

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Theory & Operation: Learn more about solenoid theory and operation. View technical graphs and illustrations.

Technical Resources: Learn more about solenoid technology, the benefits of using solenoids in your applications and TLX's manufacturing capabilities.

  • Solenoid 101: Learn the basics of solenoid operation and function
  • Read articles to learn more about solenoid features and technologies
  • Watch videos to learn more about solenoid operation and TLX Technologies

Solenoid Design Glossary of Solenoid Terms: Want a better understanding of solenoid and magnetic terminology? View relevant terms, images and graphs illustrating solenoid and magnetic technology.

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  • View images of common solenoid components
  • Download graphs and illustrations

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