Supervised Latching Solenoid Actuator

TLX’s UL recognized and patented component allows for fully-engaged installation detection to meet industry standard NFPA 2001, Sec. The component is designed with an internal supervisory feature that eliminates the need for an additional component or electrical connection. Rugged construction, ultra-fast response and the ability to be reset ensures consistent performance over the solenoid’s entire life span. 

Actuator  With  Active  Installation  Supervision


  • Fully-engaged installation detection
  • Strongest actuation force for package size
  • Ultra-fast response
  • Integrated supervision with 6-wire standard
  • Full metal enclosure with factory installed wiring
  • Resettable for future use
  • Component freely rotates for easy installation


  • Recognized component to UL 864
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 2001, UL 864, UL 2166, UL 2127, & FM 5600
  • Interfacing options available to meet system dimensional difference
  • Designed to safeguard against tampering
  • Optional manual actuation assembly and reset tool attachment


Supply voltage 24 Vdc
Operating temperature range -20 to 55°C
Manual actuation force 53 N (12 lbs)
Firing pin force 53 N (12 lbs) min
Firing current 0.5 Amps
Weight 1.1 kg
Body diameter 44.5 mm
Length 129.8 mm
Length with manual cap 173.5 mm

* All TLX components are customized to fit system requirements, meaning technical specifications are unique to each design.