Low-Profile Latching Solenoid Lock

This solenoid lock developed by TLX Technologies provides a low profile package size in relation to the relatively long stroke of the locking pin, allowing for flexibility in applications where space is limited but strong lockout load is essential.

Designed as a two-position, latching solenoid, the lock only requires a short pulse of power to change states. The use of latching technology in the solenoid allows for zero power consumption in both the engaged and disengaged position.

Several additional features integrated into this patent pending design include supervision of the locking pin position and slam latch functionality. The supervision of the locking pin monitors its position providing feedback of the solenoid lock’s current state. This feature gives a remote controller additional visibility when the solenoid lock is integrated into your system.

Low Profile Latching Solenoid Lock


  • Low profile with relatively long stroke
  • Two-position, magnetic latching solenoid
  • Slam latch feature
  • Supervisory feedback on locking pin position
  • Patent pending


  • Compact design
  • Zero power consumption in both the engaged and disengaged position
  • Can be mounted & operated in any orientation
  • Integrate into your system for remote control locking
  • Scalable based on application requirements

Specifications (reference based on usage & application)

Supply voltage 13 Vdc
Locking pin stroke 14 mm
Current draw 1.5 Amps max
Locking pin diameter 15 mm
Height 40 mm
Width 38 mm
Mounting bracket 12 gauge steel

* All TLX components are customized to fit system requirements, meaning technical specifications are unique to each customer and design, and the examples given here are for illustration purposes only.