Custom Solenoids and Valves

When you can't find the right solenoid to fit your needs, TLX Technologies works with you to design the best solution for your application. Whether you require a fully-custom solenoid or solenoid valve, an integrated assembly or perhaps a semi-custom solenoid from one of our base models, we are here to help develop what you need to get the job done.

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Heavy-Duty Industrial Work Solenoids

Your Design Partner for Advanced Industrial Applications

TLX Technologies is the go-to partner for the design and development of tomorrow's industrial equipment and systems.

Latching Solenoid with Lock Status
High Force, Long Stroke
When a high force coupled with a long stroke is required, custom solenoids designed by TLX offer an economical, long-lasting and durable solution.
Factory Automation
Durable and Robust
To do the heavy work needed by many industrial applications, TLX’s designs industrial work solenoids for durability and strength.
Thermal image of hot engine
Extreme Environments
Design and optimization of solenoids and valves to meet extreme environments that include moisture, dirt/dust, vibration and/or extreme temperature requirements.
Pulse Width Modulation
Limiting Power Consumption
Design and optimization of solenoids utilizing a latching, peak & hold or pulse width modulation control scheme to achieve minimal power consumption.
Miniature U-Frame Solenoid Design
Minimized Footprint
Our engineers use their knowledge in solenoid design and materials to develop efficient solenoids that utilize the best control scheme for your application, resulting in a minimized footprint.
Blueprint of TLX Solenoid
Quick-Turn Customization
Depending on your application requirements, TLX can offer quick-turn customization on our work solenoid base models or if needed a complete customization to meet your needs.

With localized production facilities in the USA and China, TLX provides unparalleled service and solenoid manufacturing capabilities to industrial equipment and system manufacturers around the world. See our capabilities →

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • TLX production locations in USA and China
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Wondering how to get started on developing the right solenoid solution for your application? Email our engineering team to get experienced answers to your most challenging questions.

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