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Creating Fast, Accurate Valves for Production Lines

A manufacturer was experiencing increased maintenance costs and downtime due to unreliable valves on their product packaging equipment. TLX Technologies designed a high-speed, high temperature solenoid valve with fast response and high repeatability.

Production Lines

Customer Problem

The pneumatic valves installed in consumer product packaging equipment apply adhesives to product packages (such as gluing the flaps on cereal boxes, etc.). A manufacturer was experiencing reliability problems with these valves. This resulted in additional maintenance costs and increased production downtime. The manufacturer needed a reliable solution that would operate at high temperatures, consistently deliver the same shot size (amount of adhesive per cycle), and have a long life cycle.

The TLX Solution

TLX Technologies designed a solenoid valve with fast response and accurate shot size. To improve the solenoid’s response time, force (in the form of power) was increased, and stroke was shortened. These properties, coupled with solenoid magnets, helped reduce the response time to .2 ms while maintaining a change in response that was consistently less than 1.1 %. In addition, the solenoid valve was able to continuously operate in temperatures as high as 480°F.

High-Speed Dispensing Valve

High-Speed Dispensing Valve

Coil resistance at 25°C
10.0 ± .08 Ω
Response time at 1500 cps
< 2 ms
Supply voltage
325 Vdc
Current draw (peak)
2 amps
Current draw (hold)
.4 amps
Operating temperature
210°C max
Minimum flow at 5000 cps and 600 psi delta P
500 g/min (17.64 oz/min)
Working pressure
83 bar (1200 psi) max

All TLX components are customized to fit system requirements, meaning technical specifications are unique to each customer and design. Examples given on our website are for illustration purposes only.

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