Achieve Immediate Response in a Fault-Interrupting Device

For power companies, immediacy is essential. Maintenance, faults in a line and component errors must be handled quickly to prevent equipment damage and keep their system, and our lives, functioning.

Customer Problem

A manufacturer of high-voltage electrical power distribution equipment needed to actuate a fault-interrupting device while switching functions in their larger facilities. The device contained a power-interrupt switch that disconnected power if a fault could not be cleared immediately or if maintenance needed to be performed. In order to avoid equipment damage, the solution needed to be durable and have a high latching force to quickly remove power.

The TLX Solution

The best component for the customer was a large latching solenoid, held in the latched position by a permanent magnet (so it consumed no power). When the system detected a fault, or when it needed to be shut down for maintenance, a short pulse de-latched the solenoid and interrupted power. Once maintenance was complete or the fault fixed, another short pulse returned the solenoid to the latched position. The custom latching solenoid designed by TLX was direct-acting, temperature stable and had a fast response time.

Large Latching Solenoid