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Achieve Immediate Response in a Fault-Interrupting Device

These large latching solenoids with high latching force were designed for a manufacturer of high voltage power distribution equipment to disconnect power quickly to prevent equipment damage.

Fault Interrupting Device

Customer Problem

A manufacturer of high voltage power distribution equipment needed to actuate a fault-interrupting device while switching functions in their high voltage equipment. This device would disconnect power if a fault could not be cleared immediately or maintenance needed to be performed.

In order to avoid equipment damage, the actuation solution needed to be durable with a high latching force to actuate immediately, allowing the power to disconnect quickly.

The TLX Solution

We designed several large latching solenoids that have a high latching force ranging from 100-300 lbs. These heavy-duty solenoids used residual magnetism, not constant power, to hold the latched position. When the system detects a fault, a short pulse of power causes the solenoid to de-latch, activating the fault interrupter. Once maintenance is complete or the fault is cleared, another short pulse of opposite polarity causes the solenoid to re-latch. This solenoid is direct-acting and temperature stable with a fast response time.

Large Latching Solenoids

Large Latching Solenoid

Up to 16.5 mm
Pull force
Up to 223 N
Latching force
Up to 1334 N
Supply voltage
48 Vdc
Response times
<30 ms
Coil resistance at 20°C
1.25 Ω
Transition velocity at switching
> 1 m/s
> 100K cycles
Momentary current pulse
Up to 40 A

All TLX components are customized to fit system requirements, meaning technical specifications are unique to each customer and design. Examples given on our website are for illustration purposes only.

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