High-Speed Solenoids

High Speed Solenoid ValveMany applications utilize solenoids due to their fast response time, low power consumption and cost effectiveness. Response time for a standard solenoid typically ranges between 30-50 milliseconds.  However, for applications requiring a faster response than the standard solenoid, both force and stroke need to be considered. To increase a solenoid's response time, force in the form of power needs to be increased and the solenoid's stroke needs to be shortened.

While there are solenoids manufactured with faster response times than a standard solenoid, some applications have requirements exceeding the high-speed solenoids and solenoid valves on the market today. TLX has successfully addressed these unique requirements for customers utilizing our distinctive solenoid magnetics which allow for response times to .2 milliseconds.

  • Patented solenoid features allow for:
    • Higher forces in the same package size or,
    • Reduced solenoid size up to 25% vs. competitive designs for the same force
  • Change in response less than 1.1% over cycle life duration
  • Durability exceeds 300 million cycles
  • Continuous operation to 480˚F (248˚C) 

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