Locking Solenoids for Metal Detection Systems

Metal Detection System

Metal detection systems serve as a vital second check for metal contamination control programs in a food processing environment. Combining both these measures provides manufacturers with the most effective plan for a metal-free food product.

Customer Problem

A manufacturer of metal detection equipment required a component to activate a failsafe system when metal was detected in the product stream. The solution needed an extremely fast response time to immediately stop equipment when metal was detected.

TLX Solution

Based on the requirements, TLX determined that the best solution was a custom latching solenoid. A short pulse would de-latch the solenoid quickly, activating the failsafe system on the equipment. The solenoid would remain in this de-latched position (using no power) until receiving a second pulse of opposite polarity. Compact size and low power consumption made this latching solenoid an excellent, cost-effective solution for the metal detection equipment.

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Quality Policy

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