Improving the Delivery of Fire-Extinguishing Media

Fire Suppression System

TLX designs solenoids that solve our customers' unique dilemmas. This is an example of how TLX ingenuity was applied in the field.

Customer Problem

A fire systems manufacturer wanted to replace the pyrotechnic device that opens a Shrader valve on a cylinder of compressed extinguishing medium. The new component needed a faster response time and higher latching force than the pyrotechnic device.

TLX Solution

Our engineers developed a latching solenoid with an optional manual valve actuator. The solenoid remained in the latched position, without power, until receiving a signal from the control panel. Once released, the latching solenoid opened the cylinder valve, discharging the extinguishing medium into the system. Faster response time allowed the extinguishing media to open larger valves to other cylinders, directly acting on suppression of the event. If necessary, an emergency release button on the latching solenoid could be used to manually depress the cylinder valve. The system could then be reset once the solenoid was manually returned to the latched position.

In addition to having a higher latching force and working at a lower current, on smaller capacitors, the TLX solenoid cost less than the component from the manufacturer’s original offshore supplier. This custom latching solenoid design is now a UL recognized component and is tested in accordance with UL508.

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Quality Policy

TLX Technologies, LLC will consistently provide products that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. The company complies with all of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard. We will establish, monitor and work to continuously improve customer satisfaction, technology, productivity, quality and employee engagement.