Employee Benefits

TLX Technologies offers full-time employees a full range of benefits to enhance their overall compensation and to encourage a healthy work/life balance.

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is now closed. Please notify HR of any life-changing qualifying events (marriage, birth of a child, etc.) within 30 days of the event to make potential changes to your benefit elections. Unless you experience a qualifying event, you cannot make changes to your benefits until the next enrollment period (effective 1/1/2022).

2020 TLX Group Health Employee Meeting

Enrollment Process (New Hires)

Please log into your Orbit login and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Bell icon (upper right hand corner)
  2. Click on My Checklist tab
  3. Click on Go to Checklist button (bottom right hand corner)
  4. Click on Benefit Election Form (form is easiest to complete on a desktop)
  5. Once complete, click SUBMIT (not save)