A Team Working For You

A Partner in Our Process

TLX works diligently to educate our customers through the entire design, development, production and delivery phases. Our expert staff proactively communicates their decision making processes to ensure customers have a clear idea of how their program is progressing. If any questions or concerns arise, engineers and support staff can be easily reached so deadlines and expectations stay on track.

Initial Review: TLX's engineering team works directly with you to determine the viability of your program and identify the best solution based on your specifications.

Quote: Quotes include all costs related to your project - tooling, prototype, piece part, production and project specific costs.

Design Review/Prototypes: Our engineering team reviews the design with you and makes any adjustments needed. Prototypes are then built according to design specifications for testing purposes.

Testing: Prototypes are tested according to your specifications, with all relevant test data provided to you for evaluation.

APQP: DFMEA's, PFMEA's, control plans and process flow diagrams are started to drive the product intent design.

Pre-Production: TLX develops a complete set of working drawings for production. A second prototype build and a set of production parts are then made from production tooling (or soft tooling). The second set of prototypes is thoroughly tested to prepare for the new product entering production.

PPAP/Production: The final design along with the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) is developed and the new product enters production.

Ongoing Improvements: TLX Works in partnership with you to continue making improvements/revisions to the product to best meet your needs, increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Timely Response

"Its hard nowadays to have companies with dedicated people such as your good self to respond promptly to clients' needs. This is what makes the difference in a good company compared to others."
- Current TLX Customer

TLX was approached by a customer that needed an electromagnetic solution for a pneumatic driven valve actuator. The client had a short deadline and a long list of needs. TLX worked closely with the client to establish design requirements - reducing size, mass and cost, while increasing performance. The final package size was reduced by over 50%, with the custom component built and installed on a vehicle in under two weeks.

This system was tested with an OEM manufactured vehicle, and, shortly after, the OEM issued a production development and commitment letter to TLX's customer. This laid the groundwork for future product development with production scheduled to begin in 2016.