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TLX Technologies works diligently to keep you informed throughout the entire design, development, production and delivery phases of your project.

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Our expert staff proactively communicates their decision making processes to ensure that you have a clear idea of how your program is progressing. These experts will guide you from concept to production, ensuring a transparent working relationship and educating you on the development of your custom solenoid or valve.

One-piece flow, lean manufacturing and rigorous in-house testing ensure that your solution is delivered on time with unmatched consistency and durability. If any questions or concerns arise, engineers and support staff can be easily reached so deadlines and expectations stay on track.

Wondering how to get started on developing the right solenoid or valve solution for your application?

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“It’s hard nowadays to have companies with dedicated people such as your good self to respond promptly to clients’ needs. This is what makes the difference in a good company compared to others.”

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Technical questions? Ask our experts.

Wondering how to get started on developing the right solenoid solution for your application? Email our engineering team to get experienced answers to your most challenging questions.

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