Pull Type Locking Solenoid

This continuous duty solenoid, which requires no power to hold in the locked position, was originally designed for a computer desk lock application. When power is applied to the solenoid, the armature is pulled in, unlocking the mechanism. Once power is removed, the mechanism locks again. The design can be engineered for use with either an active or passive key system.

Pull-Type Locking Solenoid

Typical Applications

  • Electric locks
  • Business equipment
  • Computer case lock
  • Computer docking station lock
  • ATM machines
  • Battery operated locks
  • Vending equipment
  • Medical supply cabinets

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design
  • Fast response
  • Low power consumption
  • High side load locking capability
  • Can be configured as a push or pull action
  • Can be designed to configure with customer power requirements


Stroke 4.064 ± .254 mm
Supply voltage 12 Vdc
Coil resistance at 20°C 21.9 Ω
Spring force extended 3.33 N (.75 lbs)

* All TLX components are customized to fit system requirements, meaning technical specifications are unique to each customer and design, and the examples given here are for illustration purposes only.