Pressure Release Solenoid Valve

This on-off solenoid valve was designed for engines and applications that need to quickly reduce pressure within a cylinder, enclosed cavity or transmit fluid to another passage. The component works much like a small engine intake or exhaust valve. When power is applied, the inner poppet (valve) extends, communicating flow from the valve nose to the radial exit holes.

Pressure Release Solenoid Valve

Typical Applications

  • Engine compression release
  • Paint mixing systems
  • Relief valve
  • Natural gas control
  • Industrial water control

Features and Benefits

  • High operating temperature
  • Normally closed
  • Teon wires sleeved with a silicon jacket
  • Low leakage
  • Excellent wear characteristics


Stroke .762 mm (.03 in)
Coil resistance at 20°C 4.8 Ω
Supply voltage 9-16 Vdc
Duty rating (%ED) 10%
Operating temperature range -40 to 240°C (-40 to 460°F)
Durability >100M cycles
Connector type Amp Superseal
Leakage <800 cc/min @ 80psi
Valve spring load 8.8 N (2 lbs)

* All TLX components are customized to fit system requirements, meaning technical specifications are unique to each customer and design, and the examples given here are for illustration purposes only.