TLX Technologies Showcases New Products at The Work Truck Show 2021

PEWAUKEE, WI - September 14, 2020 — TLX Technologies will be showcasing the following three new products for the work truck market: the discrete proportional pilot valve, various-sized on-off latching valves, and a 3-way cooling valve. These products will be part of our product offerings on display at the upcoming 2021 Work Truck Show at booth #5467.

The discrete proportional pilot valve is designed to provide proportional flow control at up to four specific programmed discrete positions. It requires zero-steady state power, has zero hysteresis by design, features a low-pressure drop and and only needs +/-12V for flow change. This valve is scalable to application requirements. This design is patent-pending.

The group of on-off latching valves comes in a variety of orifice sizes. They are designed to provide on-off fluid control while requiring zero steady-state power. They feature a compact design, customizable flow characteristics, and only need +/-12V for flow change. These valves can be scaled to application requirements.

The 3-way cooling valve is designed to electronically control coolant from one pump to two cooling loops. It features a low-pressure drop and is lightweight and durable. This valve is intended for high-flow applications and is scalable to application requirements. This design is patent-pending.

3-Way Cooling Valve
Discrete Proportional Valve
On-Off Latching Valves
Discrete Proportional Pilot Valve

About TLX Technologies

TLX Technologies is an innovative, technology-centric producer of customized electro-mechanical solenoid products. TLX Technologies utilizes proportional, high-speed, high temperature, and latching solenoid technologies to custom design electromagnetic solutions for the automotive, off-highway, commercial vehicle, fire protection, and industrial markets. With over 150 years of combined solenoid design experience and multiple patents, our team’s strength lies in designing and manufacturing custom solutions that perfectly fit each client’s unique applications.

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