TLX Technologies Showcases New Products for the Fire Protection Market

TLX Technologies announces three products they will be showcasing in 2020: a supervised pilot-operated solenoid valve, an actuator for hazardous locations, and a supervised latching solenoid actuator with status indicator.

The supervised pilot-operated solenoid valve is compliant to UL and the new NFPA 13: Sec. regulations for supervision going into effect January 1, 2021. This patented component is designed for pre-action and deluge systems. It features a non-removable fastening device that eliminates potential misplacement of the solenoid coil during testing and ensures its proper refastening.

The actuator for hazardous locations is specifically designed for customers in the EMEAA who need actuators that can perform in different challenging environments. In addition, this actuator has been designed to meet various system operating pressures while providing the robust design essential for hazardous locations.

The supervised latching solenoid actuator with the added status indicator features an LED light that both alerts the installer when the pin is in the correct position for installation (and re-installation) and alerts the installer if the pin encounters a status change. The light is powered by a battery and has no need for additional wiring.

Supervised Latching Solenoid Actuator with Status Indicator
High-Pressure Supervised Latching Actuator
Supervised Pilot-Operated Solenoid Valve

About TLX Technologies

TLX Technologies is an innovative, technology-centric producer of customized electro-mechanical solenoid products. TLX Technologies utilizes proportional, high-speed, high temperature, and latching solenoid technologies to custom design electromagnetic solutions for the automotive, off-highway, commercial vehicle, fire protection, and industrial markets. With over 150 years of combined solenoid design experience and multiple patents, our team’s strength lies in designing and manufacturing custom solutions that perfectly fit each client’s unique applications.

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