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Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

September 26, 2013
Lora Klenke China
TLX Technologies visits Shanghai

Lora Klenke, Vice President of International Development for WEDC has been a huge help to TLX Technologies as we look to expand our business. She has been instrumental in helping TLX navigate all the challenges of selling our products in other countries and recently coordinated TLX's involvement in Governor Walker's Trade Mission to China. It is people like Ms. Klenke who are working hard for Wisconsin business. TLX wants to thank Lora Klenke and the WEDC for all the help they have given TLX as we explore new business growth opportunities.

"Lora Klenke is responsible for the state’s export and foreign direct investment growth strategy. She advises the Governor, cabinet members and business leaders on global business opportunities, trade issues and diplomatic protocol. She brings more than 15 years of global development, engagement, research and strategic partnering experience to WEDC."

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