TLX Helps Fire Suppression System Manufacturers Meet NFPA 2001, Sec

July 29, 2015

TLX continues to work with fire suppression system manufacturers looking to meet the new NFPA 2001, Sec. regulation that will go into effect on January 1, 2016. TLX’s patented, UL recognized component allows for fully-engaged installation detection to be configured to a customer’s exact needs.

Rugged construction, ultra-fast response and the ability to be reset, ensures consistent performance over the actuator’s entire 15-year life span. Additionally, TLX can adapt the supervision capabilities to a pneumatic actuator for slave cylinders.

Suppression system manufacturers that are looking to meet the January 1, 2016 deadline should contact TLX soon to allow time for design, FM testing and production.

TLX Technologies works with fire suppression system manufacturers all over the globe to develop solutions that are compliant with a manufacturer’s regulatory requirements. Please contact us today to discuss your project with our engineering team.

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