Next Generation Fire Suppression Actuators Introduced at NFPA

June 15, 2016

TLX Technologies introduced our next generation of supervised fire suppression actuators at the 2016 NFPA Expo in Las Vegas this month. TLX’s supervised latching solenoid actuator as well as our newly developed pneumatic actuator and supervised direct-acting solenoid for fire suppression systems were showcased to attendees.

All of the releasing devices developed by TLX Technologies for fire suppression systems meet required UL and NFPA wiring codes and standards. An internal supervisory mechanism has been designed into each actuator to ensure that it is properly installed on the appropriate discharge valve of the extinguishing agent storage container. Integration of the supervision mechanism in our actuators eliminates the need for additional components, connections and wire paths; resulting in a streamlined, NFPA-compliant solution.

Both the supervised latching solenoid actuator and the direct-acting solenoid come standard with six wires. Two wires are used for activation and four are used for supervision of both the releasing device’s proper placement as well as electric connection to the fire panel. The pneumatic actuator is also available with the integrated supervision option providing peace of mind that all actuating devices on the suppression system are supervised for correct installation and connection. Factory-wired leads fed through an integrated conduit port in the housing are on every TLX developed actuator to meet the UL and NFPA wire codes required on all fire suppression actuators.

Choosing a TLX actuating device for your fire-suppression system ensures a faster, more durable, reusable solution—expertly tailored to your exact needs. Each device rotates for easy installation on fixed systems and can be custom configured for your specific system requirements. All of our fire suppression actuators are designed for compliance to UL, FM, CE, PCB and VDE.

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