New Event Recorder Introduced at Intersec 2019

January 10, 2019

TLX Technologies introduced our newly developed event recorder for fire suppression systems at the Intersec show in Dubai earlier this year. The event recorder provides a historical log of both actuator maintenance and events (independent of the fire control panel), providing proof of installer work and historical data for risk mitigation.

The event recorder works with TLX’s supervised latching solenoid actuators for fire suppression systems and provides customers with an investigative tool for understanding system activation. Event recorder features include:

  • Trigger points are scalable to unit and environment
  • Event type (live vs service mode)
  • Each entry time-stamped
  • Viewable history log of past events
  • Events recorded in on-board, non-volatile memory
  • Customized software can be limited or expanded based on needs
  • Customizable communications protocol
  • Passive device provides data output only
  • Actuator functions independent of event recorder

TLX releasing devices are designed to allow for easy installation and rotation to the suitable front-facing position. Our actuators and solenoids can be tailored to your system’s operating requirements. Interfacing options including connection, thread and pipe size are available to meet the dimensional difference of your specific suppression system. Stroke requirements and pin stick out can also be customized. In addition, an optional manual actuation assembly and/or reset tool attachment are available.

For over 18 years, TLX Technologies has worked with system manufacturers to develop and manufacture custom actuators and valves to meet the challenging demands of active fire suppression systems. Choosing a TLX actuating device for your fire-suppression system ensures a faster, more durable, reusable solution—expertly tailored to your exact needs. Our fire suppression actuators are designed for compliance to UL, FM, CE, LPCB and VDE.

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