Liquid Level Measurement for Pressurized Vessels

May 18, 2021

The Liquid Level Sensor (LLS) uses a sealed tube with a magnetic float mounted on the outside of the tube. This tube is installed in the tank prior to being filled. There is another magnetic float inside the tube that interlocks with the float outside the tube, providing an accurate measurement of the fluid level inside the tank. At the end of the tube at the top of the tank is a sensor that registers the position of the float. The sensor sends float position and temperature data to a microcontroller, which calculates the liquid level in the tank.

Liquid Level Sensor News
Liquid Level Sensor (LLS)

The levels can be displayed directly at the tank on a digital display or transmitted via hardwired or wireless connection to a control panel. Data can also be accessed through an app on a tablet or smartphone through wireless or cellular connection or downloaded to a thumb drive through a USB port. Additionally, a simple GO/NO-GO status can be displayed with a green/red LED to indicate the status of the storage tank.

  • Accurately measures levels in tank
  • High resolution of liquid level
  • Thermally compensated
  • Eliminates need and variability of human interpretation
  • Provides feedback on site or remotely of current tank levels
  • Customizable to match tank size and mounting requirements
  • Can be a direct replacement for current manual measurement device

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