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150 years of experience in designing and building custom solenoids helps TLX produce solutions with fast response times, high efficiency, precise positioning, high temperature tolerance and a small footprint – all for a competitive price. Unlike off-the-shelf components, TLX tailors solenoids to your projects. Materials, functionality and design are carefully paired to address a variety of objectives, including:

  • Improved Response Times: TLX designs ensure that force, stroke, power, magnetism and materials combine to create the fastest solenoid possible - with response time in as little as 200 microseconds.
  • Targeted Force and Stroke: Armature shape, flux pole, spring size and duty cycle are carefully partnered to provide a field strength that will produce the exact desired force and stroke movement.
  • Positioning: Push, pull, or both push and pull
  • Size Constraints: A variety of techniques can be used to help maximize magnetic force while reducing size (up to 25% smaller than competing designs).
  • Environmental Protection
  • Heat Dissipation: Careful selection of materials and design consideration, such as duty cycle, size and construction

During your partnership with TLX, you will have direct access to our design and engineering teams. These experts will guide you from concept to production, ensuring a transparent working relationship and educating you on the specific materials of your custom solenoid. One-piece flow, lean manufacturing and rigorous in-house testing ensure that your solution is delivered on time with unmatched consistency and durability.

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