The TLX Advantage

Our 150 years of combined experience in designing and building custom solenoids and valves helps TLX Technologies produce solutions with fast response times, high efficiency, precise positioning, high and low temperature tolerance and a small footprint – all for a competitive price.

TLX Technologies Headquarters Pewaukee, Wisconsin USA

Your Design Partner for Custom Solenoids and Valves

Unlike standard, off-the-shelf components, TLX solenoids are tailored to your application. Functionality, materials and design are carefully balanced to meet your objectives, including:

Response Times
Whether slow or ultra-fast, TLX optimizes design geometry and magnetic field shaping to achieve your required response time.
Targeted Force and Stroke
Careful design of internal components allows shaping of the force curve to closely match your desired load force and stroke requirement.
Size Constraints
A variety of design techniques are utilized to maximize magnetic force while reducing size (up to 25% smaller than competing designs).
Limiting Power Consumption
Designing with magnetic latching or peak & hold operation in the solenoid or valve minimizes overall power consumption.
Designed to operate with continuous, intermittent, latching or proportional functionality. Optional integration of smart device feedback capabilities.
Environmental Considerations
Harsh environments including temperature, pressure, and hazardous locations. Custom solenoids and valves designed to meet your requirements for chemical compatibility and contamination resistance.

During your partnership with TLX, you will have direct access to our design and engineering teams.

Our experts will guide you from concept through production, working as an extension of your team to develop solutions and ensure that you meet your project goals.

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What Sets Us Apart?

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Designing the Future

TLX Technologies’ strength is in our progressive technology and ability to deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Our engineering team creates custom solutions designed for your specific needs. The result is a solenoid that increases efficiency as well as improves your whole system.

Value-Added Services

TLX Technologies offers a variety of value-added services to help you reduce costs and streamline your resources. We can provide a customized, single-sourced solution that eliminates the need for retaining multiple vendors and additional inventory.

Unmatched Quality

TLX Technologies’ custom solenoids and valves control systems for many of the world’s most highly respected brands. Every solenoid and valve produced by TLX is tested prior to shipment and is packaged to fit your assembly process. View our quality policy.

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Global Localized Production

With localized production facilities in the USA and China, TLX Technologies provides unparalleled service and solenoid manufacturing capabilities in keeping with world-class quality standards. Components can be manufactured at the location closest to your production facility, reducing lead times and logistical costs.


With respect for our community and our environment, TLX Technologies actively takes steps to utilize our resources and minimize waste in every aspect of our operations. We source our materials responsibility in accordance with the Conflict Materials Policy.

Strengthening Our Community

We are proud to invest in our local community by supporting charitable organizations, hiring a diverse workforce and by creating opportunities for tomorrow. We offer internships and fund scholarships to students interested in pursuing careers in engineering and manufacturing.

Technical questions? Ask our experts.

Wondering how to get started on developing the right solenoid solution for your application? Email our engineering team to get experienced answers to your most challenging questions.

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