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Facing the Future

November 29, 2021
IFSJ Interview Cover

Recently, International Fire and Safety Journal conducted an exclusive interview with Jason Busalacchi, Business Development Manager, Fire & Security at TLX Technologies. Jason spoke about the opportunities afforded by advances in sensing technology and remote connectivity (IoT) that can be developed to make fire protection systems safer and more reliable while improving maintenance efficiency. This is especially crucial in an era where COVID-19 has resulted in fewer people being on site to monitor the systems and handle maintenance.

  • Sensing and remote monitoring is particularly important for fire protection systems in remote locations such as offshore oil rigs or places with restricted access such as data centers.
  • Being able to monitor the status of critical system components remotely will be crucial to meeting the future demands of the industry.
  • Jason discussed the release of some of TLX’s newest fire suppression products: the Explosion Proof Actuator with Supervision for hazardous locations and the Liquid Level Sensor that provides a thermally compensated weight reading of the agent in the storage tanks.

This article was originally published by International Fire & Safety Journal in November 2021

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