Upcoming Events

  1. May 1114, 2020

    ACT Expo

    Long Beach, CA

    Neil will be at ACT Expo. Let's meet.

    Neil photo
  2. June 1417, 2020

    NFPA Conference & Expo

    Orlando, FL

    Wayne will be at NFPA Conference & Expo. Let's meet.

    Wayne photo
  3. September 1316, 2020

    AFSA 39 Annual Convention

    San Diego, CA

    Boyd will be at AFSA 39 Annual Convention. Let's meet.

    Boyd photo
  4. September 1517, 2020

    Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

    Novi, MI

    Dennis will be at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo. Let's meet.

    Dennis photo
  5. September 1517, 2020

    ASPE Convention & Expo

    New Orleans, LA

    Jason will be at ASPE Convention & Expo. Let's meet.

    Jason photo
  6. September 1618, 2020

    SAE Powertrain Conference

    Chicago, IL

    Neil will be at SAE Powertrain Conference. Let's meet.

    Neil photo
  7. October 68, 2020

    SAE Thermal Management Symposium

    Plymouth, MI

    Dennis will be at SAE Thermal Management Symposium. Let's meet.

    Dennis photo
  8. October 1315, 2020


    Chicago, IL

    Jason will be at IEEE PES T&D. Let's meet.

    Jason photo
  9. January 2426, 2021

    Intersec 2021

    Dubai, UAE

    Jason will be at Intersec 2021. Let's meet.

    Jason photo
  10. June 1419, 2021


    Hannover, Germany

    Jason will be at Interschutz. Let's meet.

    Jason photo

Quality Policy

TLX Technologies, LLC will consistently provide products that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. The company complies with all of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard. We will establish, monitor and work to continuously improve customer satisfaction, technology, productivity, quality and employee engagement.