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TLX Technologies Brand Guidelines


TLX Logo

For white or light backgrounds

TLX Logo + Tagline

Tagline 50% black

Black & White

All black or all navy

Reversed Logo

For navy background only

Reversed Logo + Tagline

For navy background only
Tagline 50% white

Reversed White

For all other dark backgrounds


Electric Copper

Pantone® 1595
CMYK:  0  71  100  3
RGB:  226  111  58

Navy Blue

Pantone® 294 C
CMYK:  100  82  6  28
RGB:  10  53  116

Navy Blue - Dark

For web or gradient needs

Global Brand Architecture

TLX Technologies

The flagship brand and controlling entity of all TLX brands, entities, and subsidiaries.

Consumer-Facing Brand

TLX Global

The international brand that all customers outside of the USA purchase from.

Consumer-Facing Brand

TLX International

The geographical brand overseeing all TLX entities outside of the United States.

Managerial Entity

TLX Technologies Asia

The geographical brand overseeing all TLX subsidiaries in Asia.

Managerial Entity

TLX China

The geographical brand for TLX’s wholly-owned subsidiary headquartered in Changshu, China.

Consumer-Facing Brand

Positioning of the corporate descriptor (e.g. International, Global, China) depends upon its visual width in comparison to the “TLX”. A shorter descriptor is right justified. A longer descriptor is left justified.


FF Mark is the main font used in the TLX Technologies logo and printed brand materials like stationery and business cards. On the web, FF Mark is used primarily for headings. Adobe Kaiti is the font recommended for Simplified Chinese.

FF Mark

FF Mark Std Book
FF Mark Std Book Italic
FF Mark Std Heavy
FF Mark Std Heavy Italic
FF Mark Std Black
FF Mark Std Black Italic

Adobe Kaiti - Simplified Chinese

Adobe Kaiti Font Example