Improving Oil Change Efficiency with Solenoids

Oil Refill in Car

TLX designs solenoids that solve our customers' unique dilemmas. This is an example of how TLX ingenuity was applied in the field.

In the quick oil change market, speed is essential to meeting customer expectations and reaching revenue goals. Accurate and timely dispensing of fluids during the oil change process helps facilities reach these goals.

Customer Problem

A manufacturer of fluid handling systems needed a solution for an automatic shut-off feature on an oil dispensing meter. The meter’s high pressure and flow made it difficult to control manually, often resulting in waste and spills. The manufacturer’s goal was to develop a product that would dispense the exact amount of oil called for without spilling any oil in the process. In addition, the solution needed to be compact and battery operated.

TLX Solution

TLX designed a custom latching solenoid that used a permanent magnet to hold the valve open without consuming any power. When the meter determined that the precise amount of oil had been dispensed, the solenoid received a short, reverse polarity pulse, closing the valve and stopping the flow of oil. The solenoid operated efficiently for six months on four AA batteries.

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Quality Policy

TLX Technologies, LLC will consistently provide products that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. The company complies with all of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard. We will establish, monitor and work to continuously improve customer satisfaction, technology, productivity, quality and employee engagement.