How Solenoids Can Improve the Security of your System

Hardware Stacks

TLX designs solenoids that solve our customers' unique dilemmas. This is an example of how TLX ingenuity was applied in the field.

Designing secure and tamper proof features, to protect valuable equipment and dispense medication, is a common challenge for manufacturers. Bi-directional latching solenoids provide a low cost solution for applications that require a lock, a latch or a tamper proof security device. Compact design and low power consumption make these solenoids well suited for battery operated systems as well.

Customer Problem

A leading computer manufacturer needed a security feature to help guard against corporate espionage and the theft of expensive hardware. The customer required a locking feature that would secure the hardware in place, only allowing removal by an authorized administrator. Cost was a large concern as well, since the manufacturer did not want the solution to noticeably affect their bottom line.

TLX Solution

After considering several options, it was determined that a two-position latching solenoid, placed in a secure location, was the best component. Electronic controls applied a short pulse of power that locked and unlocked the hardware. Only Administrators with proper access codes were able to control the actuation of the solenoid.

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