Custom Solenoids for Industrial Applications

When you can't find the right solenoid to fit your needs, TLX Technologies works with you to design the best solution for your application. Whether you require a fully-custom solenoid or solenoid valve, an integrated assembly or perhaps a semi-custom solenoid from one of our base models, we are here to help develop what you need to get the job done.

Quick-Turn Customization

Our work solenoid base models allow for quick-turn customization to meet your application requirements. TLX works with you to make the necessary design modifications to these base solenoids so that you have the solution in your hands more quickly.
Quick-Turn Customized Work Solenoids »

Performance in High Temperatures

TLX designs solenoids that can function in the most demanding conditions. We combat extreme environments with design expertise, such as technology that allowed one of our solenoid valves to continuously operate in temperatures up to 248 degrees C.
High-Speed Dispensing Valve »

Minimal Power Consumption

Our engineers can develop systems to suit a variety of power constraints. One such system powered 20-30 solenoids on one small supply.
Pull-Type Locking Solenoid »

Reduced Size

TLX uses unmatched knowledge of actuator design and materials to create solenoids that are up to 25% smaller than competing components. This allows our solenoids to meet challenging system constraints, such as a miniature solenoid that needed to mount to the PC board of an infrared camera.
Miniature U-Frame Solenoid »

Knowledge in Action: Actuators for Switchgear Applications

Whatever your power distribution application needs, TLX Technologies will work with you to develop the best solution to meet your switchgear design requirements, including single- and three- phase reclosers and fault interrupters. Using magnetic latching technology, these actuators display exceptional performance features, such as:

  • Holding Force → 10 lbs to >350 lbs
  • Response Time → < 30 milliseconds
  • Supply Voltage → 24 Vdc to 120+ Vdc

Technical questions? Ask our experts.

Wondering how to get started on developing the right solenoid solution for your application? Email our engineering team to get experienced answers to your most challenging questions.

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Quality Policy

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