Selective Catalytic Reduction System

The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system is used on vehicles with diesel engines in order to meet new regulations requiring very low emissions. We work with customers to develop solutions for fluid control in this unique high temperature environment.
  • As the exhaust comes out of the engine, it is filtered through the diesel particulate filter.
  • Once filtered, a dose of the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is injected into the exhaust flow as it makes it way to the SCR catalyst.
  • The exhaust/DEF mixture enters the SCR catalyst where the chemical composition of the exhaust is changed into a mixture of nitrogen and water.
  • This mixture of nitrogen and water, which is much safer for the environment, is then released through the exhaust pipe of the vehicle.

Fluid control valves designed by TLX Technologies exhibit the following features:

  • High temperature tolerance
  • High durability
  • High repeatability
  • Low power consumption

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