Pedestrian Safety Systems

Engineered to reduce the seriousness of injuries to pedestrians when impact with a moving vehicle occurs, pedestrian safety systems are quickly becoming a standard feature on car models introduced in the market today.

Active Hood & Bumper

In the active hood and bumper application, a sensor system is used to detect when a collision with a pedestrian is going to occur. Once detected, the system sends a signal to deploy the active hood or bumper depending on where the pedestrian is detected.

In the active hood, the system sends a signal which lifts the rear part of the hood near the hinges, angling it upward. This provides sufficient space between the hood and the hard engine components creating a deformable, flexible surface for impact. In the active bumper, the system sends a signal to the front bumper to extend and retract absorbing the crash energy which helps protects the pedestrian from coming in contact with the hard, rigid engine block.

Active hood and bumper systems can use a variety of mechanisms to activate the hood or bumper in the event of a collision. Currently, systems utilize small airbags or pop-up devices controlled by pyrotechnic actuators to activate the hood or bumper. Utilizing our high speed technology, TLX is able to work with customers to replace the pyrotechnic devices with a high speed solenoid solution.

Pedestrian Protection Airbags

As automotive hoods become shorter, the possibility of a pedestrian’s head coming in contact with the windshield and surrounding pillars during a collision has increased. In an effort to address this problem, pedestrian protection airbags are being installed in the hard structures surrounding the windshield or at the rear of the engine compartment. When the sensor system detects a collision with a pedestrian, the airbags are activated to protect the pedestrian’s head as it comes in contact with the windshield area. The windshield’s deformable surface in conjunction with the active hood and pedestrian protection airbags provide excellent protection for a pedestrian in a collision event. Since the majority of pedestrian fatalities are due to head injuries, addressing these safety concerns have become a priority for car manufacturers.

Pedestrian Detection System

With a goal of accident avoidance, pedestrian detection systems are quickly becoming a standard feature on many car models. The sensor system utilizes infrared technology to detect when an accident is imminent and immediately applies the brakes. Some systems even project a digital image on the windshield to alert the driver. In many instances, an accident can be minimized or even avoided.

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