Solenoids at Work

Next Generation Fire Suppression Actuators Introduced at NFPA

– TLX Technologies introduced our next generation of supervised fire suppression actuators at the 2016 NFPA Expo in Las Vegas this month. TLX’s supervised latching solenoid actuator as well as our newly developed pneumatic actuator and supervised direct-acting solenoid for fire suppression systems were showcased to attendees.

TLX Helps Fire Suppression System Manufacturers Meet NFPA 2001, Sec

– TLX continues to work with fire suppression system manufacturers looking to meet the new NFPA 2001, Sec. regulation that will go into effect on January 1, 2016. TLX’s patented, UL recognized component allows for fully-engaged installation detection to be configured to a customer’s exact needs.

Fuel Shut-Off Valve for Natural Gas Vehicles

– TLX’s expert engineers saw the obstacles in designing a fuel shut-off valve for a natural gas application, and began identifying ways to improve valve performance.

Wisconsin Manufacturing Month Infographic

– This infographic highlights the benefits of working in manufacturing and the demand for skilled employees. We hope events such as Manufacturing Month will connect eager minds with willing employers and build the future of Wisconsin.

Solenoids Help Control Injection Molding

– A manufacturer of foam injection molding machines needed to refine their product to better suit a client that made seats for automotive OEMS. TLX engineers designed a custom latching solenoid that operated in high temperatures and provided the precise control required for the molding process.

A Challenge to Durable Solenoid Design

– TLX was approached with an application that called for a solenoid valve to operate while completely submerged in the hot automatic transmission fluid of an all-terrain vehicle...Easy right? Well, our engineers were up for the challenge.

PWM and Emissions Control

– Our engineers helped devise a canister proportional purge solenoid valve that applies pulse width modulation (PWM) to emissions control system in a vehicle.

The Basics of Latching Solenoids

– Answering basic questions about latching solenoids, such as "What is a latching solenoid?" and "How do latching solenoids work?".

Improving Oil Change Efficiency with Solenoids

– A manufacturer of fluid handling systems needed a solution for an automatic shut-off feature on an oil dispensing meter. TLX designed a custom latching solenoid that used a permanent magnet to hold the valve open without consuming any power.

Controlling Airbags with Solenoids

– A manual reset latching solenoid was used to In order to control airbag inflation based on variables programmed into the system that determined the severity of the accident.

Using Solenoids to Increase Safety in Hybrid Cars

– A manufacturer sought a solution for disconnecting the battery of a hybrid car during an accident, without the possibility of the battery connecting again. TLX designed a custom latching solenoid that used residual magnetism instead of a permanent magnet; meaning once the solenoid unlatched, it would not re-latch without applying power.

Improving Welding Clamps with Latching Technology

– A manufacturer needed to replace the pneumatically powered clamps that held material for welding. A custom latching solenoid provided both the locking and latching functions the manufacturer required. Permanent magnets latched the solenoids in a retracted position without consuming power.

Achieve Immediate Response in a Fault-Interrupting Device

– A manufacturer of high-voltage electrical power distribution equipment needed to actuate a fault-interrupting device while switching functions in their larger facilities. The best component for the customer was a large latching solenoid, held in the latched position by a permanent magnet (so it consumed no power).

Solenoid Design: Value-Added Services

– TLX Technologies offers a variety of value-added services to help customers reduce costs and streamline their resources. We can provide customized, single-sourced solutions that eliminate the need for retaining multiple vendors and additional inventory.

Expertise in Solenoid Design

– With over 150 years of combined experience in solenoid design and production, TLX’s engineers work directly with you to develop and deliver the best solution to meet your requirements.

Proportional Solenoid Valve Operation

– Proportionally controlled solenoids are used in fluid-power valve applications to proportionally control flow (or pressure) from zero to maximum flow as a function of duty cycle.

Locking Solenoids for Metal Detection Systems

– A manufacturer of metal detection equipment required a component to activate a failsafe system when metal was detected in the product stream. The solution needed an extremely fast response time to immediately stop equipment when metal was detected.

Peak and Hold Solenoid Control

– Peak-and-hold solenoids are utilized when an application requires faster actuation times, lower average power consumption, lower heat generation, or smaller package size.

Automating Support in Running Shoes with Solenoids

– A manufacturer of running shoes wanted their shoes to automatically adjust to the speed of the wearer, providing additional comfort and support. TLX designed a miniature solenoid air valve with magnetic latching technology to integrate into the shoe’s cushioning system.

Securing Expensive Classroom Equipment

– A commercial furniture systems manufacturer was looking for a solution to secure the computer desks located in large lecture halls. TLX integrated a pull-type locking solenoid into a keyless system that required no power when locked.

Latching Technology used to Isolate Power Faults

– A manufacturer of high-voltage electrical power distribution equipment needed a solution to actuate a fault-interrupting device. The solution would isolate power faults and reroute power when needed.

How Solenoids Can Improve the Security of your System

– A leading computer manufacturer needed a security feature to help guard against corporate espionage and the theft of expensive hardware. After considering several options, it was determined that a two-position latching solenoid, placed in a secure location, was the best component.

Solenoids for Motorcycle Engines

– A manufacturer was looking for a solution for the manual compression release valve on a motorcycle engine. TLX successfully designed a pressure release solenoid valve that fit all the requirements and reducted total vehicle cost.

Solenoids at Work in SCR Systems

– Diesel engine manufacturers are utilizing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to meet more stringent emissions regulations. These SCR systems use diesel exhaust fluid, better known as AdBlue®, injected into the exhaust stream to create a chemical composition that changes the exhaust into a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.

Manufacturing Day 2013

– Come learn more about what manufacturing in Wisconsin has to offer. Facility tours, hands-on demonstrations, discussions and presentations that encompass all aspects of manufacturing from engineering through production. Learn more about what you will need to prepare for a career in the modern and innovative manufacturing sector.

Three-Position Solenoid Helps Improve Vehicle Emissions

– An automotive company was looking for a solution to open and close the valve that vented fumes between the fuel tank and the charcoal canister. TLX designed an efficient, three-position solenoid that performed each function in the fuel vapor recirculation system.

Compact, Battery-Powered Solenoids

– A manufacturer required a compact solenoid actuator to operate a low pressure gas valve in an outdoor patio heater. A custom open frame latching solenoid provided the compact design while using almost no power, making it ideally suited for battery operation.

Using Solenoids to Improve Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety

– An automobile manufacturer wanted to add an infrared camera to a front-facing vehicle detection device. TLX designed a miniature latching solenoid that could be mounted to the circuit board and, with a pulse of power, moved the calibration flag over the lens.

Creating Fast, Accurate Valves for Production Lines

– A manufacturer was experiencing problems with valves on consumer product package equipment, incurring additional maintenance costs and production downtime. TLX designed a high speed, high temperature solenoid valve with fast response and accurate shot size.

Solenoids for use in Hazardous Locations

– A manufacturer wanted to eliminate this issue in their heavy-duty fluid sprayers by automatically stopping the pump when it lost fluid. Since the sprayer could be used in hazardous locations, the solution needed to take precautions against fire and explosion.

Refining Emergency Lock Systems in Automobiles

– A manufacturer of automobile door lock systems needed to add an emergency lock release feature to their passive entry door lock system. TLX designed a three-position latching solenoid that would perform all functions of the door lock system.

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