TLX Advantage

TLX Technologies is an innovative, technology-centric producer of customized electro-mechanical solenoid products. We utilize proportional, high-speed, high temperature, and latching solenoid technologies to custom design electromagnetic solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our patented features and unique expertise in solenoid design allow TLX’s solenoid products to do what others cannot. TLX Technologies’ complex, innovative technology and customer-focused approach offers the advantage of fast response times, high efficiency, precise positioning, high temperature tolerance and a small footprint all at a competitive price.

  • TLX Technologies' strength is in our progressive technology and ability to deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Our technical team has over 150 years of combined experience in engineering and developing custom solenoid solutions for a wide variety of applications.

  • TLX designs and delivers completely custom solenoid products—rather than trying to adapt a standard product to fit your requirements, TLX designs solutions to specifically meet your needs.
  • As you continually push the envelope of innovation, partner with TLX to take advantage of our progressive technology and engineering expertise on your projects.

  • From initial conversations through production, your project is given personal attention by our technical team. You have direct access to technical and engineering resources throughout the entire process.

  • TLX delivers quality product at a competitive price where every piece is tested prior to leaving TLX and is packaged to fit your assembly process.

  • Our engineering team brings a working knowledge in a variety of markets such as automotive, off-highway, industrial, fire suppression, recreational vehicle and medical applications.

  • TLX Technologies offers a variety of value-added services to help you reduce costs and streamline your resources. We can provide a customized, single-sourced solution that eliminates the need for retaining multiple vendors and additional inventory.